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Product Description

Portable Binocular Camera Type 3D Scanner


The camera-type 3D scanner combines the advantages of high-speed scanning and high precision, and can freely switch different measurement ranges. Multiple splicing methods make it perfect for scanning and measuring large objects such as small parts to the whole body. It has a high price-performance ratio and is suitable for industrial design of automotive parts, mobile phone shells, crafts scanning, household appliances, and electronic products. , Mold design, reverse engineering (copy number), rapid manufacturing (precision engraving, 3D printing), etc ...


1) The product has a long service life, using high-brightness LED cold light source, low heat generation, high stability of scanning accuracy

2) The hardware is stable, the system is small, and it is easy to disassemble and bring it to the measurement site.

3) Can scan dark or even black objects. Most objects can be scanned directly without surface treatment.

4) High scanning efficiency, can complete object scanning in a few minutes

5) The dual cameras use strict hardware synchronization mechanism to make the measurement data clearer;

6) Adopting aluminum alloy body, the coefficient of thermal deformation is small, which guarantees higher accuracy and stability of the equipment.

7) Fully automatic splicing of multiple point clouds.

8) Support automatic selection of the best data for overlapping point clouds, automatic cropping, high accuracy of multiple data fusion, no layering and stripes

9) The firm and compact appearance design makes the device more visually impactful, and the device is beautiful, light and durable.

10) Equipped with a lens protective cover to prevent the equipment from being accidentally dropped and causing damage to the lens.

11) Easy to learn and easy to use, system operation can be learned within 2 hours, and it can be used skillfully within 1-2 working days

12) Multi-purpose machine, multiple scanning specifications, suitable for scanning objects as small as a few millimeters and as large as a few meters

13) Rich measurement output data interface: The measured point cloud data is ASC, STL, PLY, IGES, OBJ, DXF, etc. Compatible with common 3D software on the market.


Technical Parameters

Single scanning range




Scanning precision




Scanning object size




Camera resolution ratio


Lens resolution ratio

                3000,000 (Japan imported)

Raster light source

LED cold light source, life time about 3500 hours

Splicing way

Ball center automatic stitching

Scanning time


File format



Automobiles, large molds, large castings,

plastic parts

Wood carving, furniture, soles, small appliances, medium-sized molds

Fine wood carving,

small appliances,

heels, mechanical parts

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